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Version 43. Last modified 2017-01-09.

It is the responsibility of each Client to read and understand the terms and conditions pursuant to which an acquisition of financial contracts via this site is governed.

A. Introduction

Automated Binary Option is hereinafter referred to as "the Company" as a financial trading services contained within this site are only suitable for Clients who are able to bear the loss of all the money they invest and who understand and have experience of the risks involved in the acquisition of financial contracts. International currency, stock index or commodity prices are highly volatile and very difficult to predict. Due to such volatility, plus the bias in the pricing system favouring the website (as described in more detail below), no financial contract purchased in our system (whether or not the payout exceeds the premium amount) can be considered a safe contract. The maximum loss that may be incurred by any Client is the amount of money paid by oneself to the Company.

B. Languages

These Terms and Conditions, for the convenience of our Clients are provided in several different languages; however, these translations do reflect the same principles. We attempt, as much as possible to provide a faithful translation in English of the prevailing language. In the event of any differences between the English version of the website and any other language, the English version shall prevail. You may communicate with us through this website by means of Live Chat, e-mail, phone or, exceptionally, by post. Details can be found in the Contact Us page. Generally we will communicate with you through this website or by email to the email address used when opening your account. We will communicate with you in English.

C. Client's Registration

  1. Client’s registration is based on two main steps:
    • Client’s web registration.
    • Client’s identity verification.
      In order to complete the first step the client must provide the company his real identity and contact details.
  2. In order to complete the second step the company must demand and the client must:
    • Provide full copy of your ID card with photo and personal details.
      The company reserves the right to demand from the client other documents such as payment bills, bank confirmation, bank card scans or any other document that may be necessary during the identification process.

D. Multiple Account registration

  • No multiple account registration, in the event of this, the affected account will be block whether it has been funded or not, always wait to be verified before depositing funds into your account.

E. Fund Depositing Procedure

In order to make a deposit, the client should login into the dashboard, click deposit and choose any of the payment methods from the list of displayed options. The following methods are available for deposit:

  • Credit / Debit card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Western Union / Money Gram
  • Perfect Money
  • Bitcoin
  • Perfect Money

F. Withdrawal Policy

  • To withdraw funds from his/her account, the Client shall submit a withdrawal request from his/her dashboard. In order to fill in the withdrawal request properly, the Client shall choose one of the withdrawal methods shown in the list and specify all the necessary details.
  • Withdrawal requests are processed by the financial department of the Company one-at-a-time. The processing time is 24 hours. The Company reserves the right to increase the processing time; in such case, the Company shall notify the Client via any contact method specified by the Client in his/her dashboard.
  • The Client is fully responsible for the information he/she provides to the Company through the withdrawal request.

G. Account Closure / Blocking

Your account will be blocked / closed based on the following reasons:

  • Opening of multiple accounts in order to get bonuses;
  • Uploading fake verification Id card / documents;
  • Fraud associated with credit card transactions and other ways to fill a balance that does not belong to the Client;
  • Fraud associated with errors and system failures for false trading results;
  • Accounts opened in false names or on multiple accounts opened by the same person.

and in case of reasonable suspicion of the Company regarding the fraud schemes, mentioned above, the Company shall be entitled to block the Client's account without prior notice and without the possibility of further money withdrawal and/or entitled to unilaterally terminate the Agreement in the extrajudicial procedure.

H. Trade Targets

Every funds deposited into this company shall be used for trading only. No client shall deposit money and withdraw same within a period of 45 trading days. For security reasons, all deposited funds shall be kept on hold for 14 trading days before any withdraw can be made.

I. Client's Liability

Clients agree to be fully and personally liable for the due settlement of every transaction entered into under their account with the Company. Clients are responsible for ensuring that they alone control access to the account, and that no minors are granted access to trading on the website. In any case, Clients remains fully liable for any and all positions traded on their account, and for any credit card transactions entered into the site for their account. Each Client also indemnifies the Company in respect to all costs and losses of any kind, whatsoever as may be incurred by the Company as a result, direct or indirect, of the Client's failure to perform or settle such a transaction.

J. Fraud and Money Laundering

No person shall abuse this site for the purpose of money laundering. The Company employs best-practice anti-money laundering procedures. All transactions are checked to prevent money laundering which may have several effects on Clients. The Company reserves the right to refuse to do business with, to discontinue to do business with, and to reverse the transactions of, Clients who do not accept or adhere to these anti-money laundering processes. Acceptable funds should not originate from criminal activity. The Company is bound to report suspicious transactions to relevant authorities.

The anti-money laundering processes have the following effects on Clients:

  • Clients must fill into the account opening form all requested details that establish their identity. Clients must give a valid identification, address, and contact email and personal telephone number.
  • Winnings may only be paid to the initiator of an account.
  • Clients must register personally.
  • Clients shall not hold or pool third party funds into their own account held with the Company.
  • Only one account is allowed per person. No winnings and/or refunds may be collected on accounts opened in false names or on multiple accounts opened by the same person.
  • The Company may, from time to time, at its sole discretion, or as required by regulations in place to conduct appropriate "Know Your Customer" procedures and require a Client to provide proof of identity (such as notarized copy of passport or other means of identity verification as the Company deems required under the circumstances) and may at its sole discretion suspend an account until satisfactory identification information, evidence of identity and address, source of funds and/or source of wealth have been provided. Know Your Customer documentation will be required when a Client deposits money in the account.
  • You agree that we may use Personal information provided by you in order to conduct appropriate anti-fraud checks. Personal Information that you provide may be disclosed to a credit reference or fraud prevention agency, which may keep a record of that information.
  • Telephone conversations may be recorded and/or monitored by designated staff for quality and antifraud purposes.

We have the right and obligation not to accept the information provided by you if we know or have a reason to believe that it is incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete. In such case, we may ask you to clarify or correct the details provided.

K. Dormant and Inactive Accounts

The company reserves the right to charge a dormant fee of up to USD/EUR/AUD/GBP25 every 6 months for every Client account that has had no transaction recorded for over 12 months. If a Client's account has had no activity for a period of thirty months, and the Client cannot be located or contacted, the Company shall remit the balance of the account to the Authority.

L. Liability

The Company will not be liable in any way to any persons in the event of force majeure, or for the act of any Government or legal authority or for the failure of or damage or destruction to, its computer systems, data or records or any part thereof, or for delays, losses, errors or omissions resulting from the failure or mismanagement of any telecommunications or computer equipment or software. The Company shall not be responsible for any damages or losses deemed or alleged to have resulted from or been caused by this site or its content. This includes any client's use or misuse of its content, the inability of any client to connect with or use the site, delay in operations or transmission, failure of communication lines, or any errors or omissions in content.

M. Contract Payouts

Contract payouts shall be determined by the Company by reference to the daily high/low/close values reported on this website relevant to the underlying index(ices) of the contract(s) or from the interbank trading data received by the Company for forex quotes or commodities prices as displayed on the website, subject that the Company shall have the right to make corrections to such data in the event of mis-priced or typographically incorrect data. Clients should note that the different markets may close at different times during the day due to local trading hours and time zones. For forex quotes the closing times are defined by the Company as shown in the Market Opening Times section of the website. In the event of any dispute regarding market or settlement values, the decision of the Company shall be final and binding. Clients should note that certain markets (such as stocks and stock indices) are not open throughout the day and that trading may not be available when the markets are closed. The calculation of the price to be paid (or the payout to be received) for financial contracts on this site at the time the financial contract is purchased or sold will be based on the Company's best estimate of market price movements and the expected level of interest rates, implied volatilities and other market conditions during the life of the financial contract, and is based on complex mathematics. The calculation will include a bias in favour of the Company. The financial contract prices (or the payout amounts) offered to Clients speculating on market or index prices may differ substantially from prices available in the primary markets where stock indices or commodities or contracts thereupon are traded, due to the bias favouring the Company in the price calculation system referred to above. The charting data made available to Clients by the Company is indicative only and may at times differ from the real market values. The Company's decision as to the calculation of a financial contract price will be final and binding. The Company allows the option to sell contracts before expiry time of some contracts but will not be obliged to do so and can suspend this option depending on the current market conditions. Contracts may be amended when the underlying asset value is adjusted by corporate actions during the contract period.

N. Deposit Bonus

This bonus will be processed and credited to a client's account when:

  1. The required minimum deposit has been made by the client AND

Both the deposit and the bonus amounts are clearly displayed when this type of promotion is available. Once the bonus is credited to your account, you may withdraw the bonus and any winnings generated from it at any time. Clients may avail of this bonus only when a real money account is opened. This bonus is only available to new clients. Existing or former clients do not qualify. New clients are eligible for this type of bonus only once. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. The bonus will be added to the account when the required minimum deposit has been made via a single transaction.

O. Free Bonus

  1. The bonus code can only be entered and activated upon account opening.
  2. It will be released to your account upon approval.
  3. This promotion is only available to new Clients. Existing or former Clients do not qualify. It is only available once to each Client.
  4. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  5. You may withdraw the bonus amount once you have exceeded an account turnover of 25 times the bonus amount value.
  6. Where an account is funded solely by means of a bonus code, the bonus amount plus any winnings can not be withdrawn until you have exceeded an account turnover of 25 times the bonus amount value. The maximum amount of winnings allowed on such accounts shall be 25 times the amount of such bonus amount.
  7. The company reserves the right to cancel/prohibit the use of this promotion at its own discretion at any time.